With the exhibition "In the Middle of Europe - Konzentrationslager Majdanek" the City Museum of Münster has assumed the task of taking up an important topic of recent German-Polish history to let an artistic photo project develop from this. The basis of the exhibition is the photographic attempt to come to terms with the past and present of the former concentration camp of Majdanek which is in Lublin, Münster's partner city. This presentation should stimulate visitors to take a critical look at the subject of the mass extermination of people by the Germans during the occupation of Poland in the Second World War. The attempt has been made to achieve this goal by means of an artistic transposition rather than a historical exhibition. But without knowledge of the events in the concentration camp, the scenes of the horrors appear today as simple rows of wooden barracks and the gas chambers seem to be plain concrete rooms. Only knowledge of the potential for cruelty that people in the past were capable of, but also that people in the future can be capable of yet again, can stimulate the visitor to inquire about his or her own point of view. For this reason essential historical connections and contexts will be described in an anteroom to the exhibition. In addition, the catalogue, which is also an illustrated book that can be read independently, tells the history of the camp and memorial site Majdanek. The photographs of Tomasz Samek and several historical photos are shown in a format of 120 cm x 150 cm. Whereas the pictures of the camp landscape exploit the full scope of the format, the photos of objects such as whips, hair or records from the archives are reproduced in a ratio of 1:1. The large format is still kept here, but these objects appear in their natural size surrounded by a big, white empty space. The pictures by Tomasz Samek are sensitive proof of his intense study of the subject of the concentration camp of Majdanek.