The exhibition is under the patronage of the President of State of the Polish Republic, Aleksander Kwasniewski, and the President of the German Federal Republic, Johannes Rau.


Idea: Petra Simme and Tomasz Samek
Conception: Tomasz Samek in co-operation with Andreas Reimer, Barbara Rommé
Picture Editor: Andreas Reimer, Tomasz Samek
Captions: Tomasz Kranz
Text Editor: Marcel Moersen, Barbara Rommé in co-operation with Zofia Murawska-Gryn and Annette D. Gresing
Realisation and Editing of Eye-Witness Interviews: Marta Kubiszyn
Selection of Eye-Witness Interviews: Tomasz Samek
Advice: Tomasz Kranz in co-operration with Daniel Baranowski
Translations: Annette D. Gresing, Tomasz Kranz, Bernd Leutgeb, Tomasz Samek, Anna Wójcik
Colour Pictures: Tomasz Samek
Photo Assistance: Marta Kubiszyn and Andreas Reimer
Black-and-White Pictures:
Panstwowe Muzeum na Majdanku
Exhibition Planning: Andreas Reimer, Barbara Rommé, Tomasz Samek
Design, Set, Website: Andreas Reimer

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